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Far East Horizon Helps Motherland Hold World Military Games for the First Time

SourceFAR EAST HORIZON CreateTime2019-09-11

Recently, on a runway of Tianhe Airport in Wuhan, Hubei Province,

There were no busy planes taking off and landing in the past.

Without the staff of major airlines,

Only over 100 builders with clean uniforms and high efficiency were busy with their work.

Dozens of pavers were fully powered.

The machines roared and were in full swing.


In order to better serve and guarantee the 7th military world games,

Tianhe Airport Runway Welcomes the first reconstruction,

And these more than 100 builders,

It was from the Horizon Construction Development Group under Far East Horizon.

They sweated profusely in the fiery July to help build the Tianhe Airport.

With a brand-new international image,

Welcome international friends from all over the world.


China Held World Military Games for the First Time


From 18 to 27 October 2019,

The 7th military world games will be held in

The competition will be held in Wuhan, China for 10 days.


The World Military Games has the reputation of "Military Olympics". This will be the first time China host a comprehensive international military event and the largest international sports event in China after the Beijing Olympics.




This year coincides with the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

A grand, warm, economical and pragmatic world military games,

It is the best tribute to the 70th birthday of our motherland.


The world gives China a chance,

China also returns the world a wonderful performance.

The largest military games in history, with the largest number of participants and the widest influence, are worth looking forward to.

There are shooting, swimming, track and field, basketball

Such as 27 major competitions, 329 minor competitions,

More than 138 countries and nearly 10,000 servicemen will compete in the same competition.

Some heads of state, defense ministers and other dignitaries will come to visit.

Come on!



 (Photo Source: Military World Games Official Website)

China's First Olympic Champion-

World Shooter and Soldier Xu haifeng,

In the first world military games,

 China had also used its strength to enter the world's military arena.

At the first world military games,

China was third in the total number of gold medals.

After Russia and the United States,

Let the world take notice.


As an important platform for the armies of various countries to display their image of strength, enhance friendly exchanges and expand their international influence in peacetime, China will also make every effort to create a world-class competition environment for this military games.

On the premise of ensuring quality and quantity, the construction and renovation of all 35 venues and facilities of the current military games will take only 27 months to complete, which is praised as "China's speed" by the international military and sports Federation.




Far East Horizon Helps World Military Games

In this hot summer

The construction of large-scale transportation hubs in coordination with the current military games has also entered a crucial phase.

As an important participant, Far East Horizon has not dishonored its mission. It is working hard to help hold the competition and present the 70th anniversary of the Republic. 

Taking on the heavy responsibility of repairing the runway of Tianhe Airport,

The construction will start on May 9 and be completed on June 5.

Three layers of runway asphalt structure, two layers of shoulder asphalt structure, a single-layer construction area of 364,600 O, a total construction area of 948,900 O, the construction of two sets of 4000-type asphalt concrete mixing stations on site, the production of 400 tons of qualified mixture per hour, the production of 5000 tons of mixture every 12 hours ......


Promoting the Upgrade and Development of China's Construction Industry 

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Cross-Sea Bridge, Beijing Xiong 'an Intercity Railway, Bird's Nest Stadium, Capital International Airport, Shanghai Disneyland, Shanghai Center ...



High-rise buildings rose one by one, and landmarks stood proudly everywhere.

Far East Horizon did not forget initiative mind of Helping Upgrade Construction Industry.


Boao Forum, BRICS Summit, ASEAN International Expo, International Import Expo ...




China's home-court diplomacy, a grand international event, and Far East Horizon's dream move forward, together with China's rise, have made great contributions to development.

China, with its construction needs, has diversified services provided by Far East Horizon. 

In June this year, Far East Horizon was once again listed in the TOP100 list of global leasing companies (IRN100), ranking 57th, up 25 places from last year, ranking second in the world in terms of growth rate.

The development of Horizon Construction Development Group has attracted worldwide attention. 

According to statistics, Horizon Construction Development Group has obtained 137 authorized patents, 13 invention patents and 7 software copyrights.

Many patents provided strong support for the transion of innovative achievements and industrial upgrading.




Over the years, builders in the Far East have continuously made breakthroughs and innovations. They have taken the lead in the development of the industry with a speed and quality superior to that of the industry. They have participated in the compilation of a number of industry standards in the field of infrastructure.

Facing the future, Far East Horizon will always adhere to the initial intention of assisting the development of national industries and serving customers wholeheartedly. It will go all out and work together in a dream-driven way.



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